• Jenny Sweet Whitening Premium Facial Foam


Cleansing Facial Foam gently washes away impurities from your face. Deeply cleans your skin with Pure Cow Milk extracts. Treats your skin soft and moisturized. Gentle for every type of skin. Protects your skin from pollutions. With Sodium Hyaluronate, it improves fine lines, and Vitamin E containing antioxidant will restore dull and dry skin to become hydrated, healthy-looking and radiant with the relaxing fragrance from fresh milk.

• Soft, smooth and radiant skin with pure cow milk extract.
• Deeply cleanse skin and remove makeup. 
• Gentle to all skin types.
• Revitalize dull and dehydrated skin, making it soft, plump and smooth.
• Fight against free radicals and prevent aging wrinkles.
• Retain moisture in the skin effectively.

Directions: Squeeze out an adequate amount of foam into your palm, apply to your face, gently massage and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. It should be used continuously for better result.

Cautions / Storage: Stop using immediately if your skin shows any signs of allergic reactions, redness and stinging. Keep the product at room temperature. Close tightly after use.


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แท็ก: Jenny Sweet Whitening Premium Facial Foam

Jenny Sweet Whitening Premium Facial Foam

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